Should you purchase a swing set kit or a full swing set?

You might be wondering what the difference is between a swing set kit and a full swing set. Let’s explore both a bit to give you a better understanding.

Swing Set Kits: There are several forms of swing set kits. There are some kits that include everything and some kits that need you to add some things like wood or slides, etc. If you are handy or have a licensed installer that will do the work for you a kit might be a good choice. It may also save you some money by allowing for you to purchase your own wood and by saving you money on having a full set shipped to you. Kits are also great as most of them will come with instructions for building different layouts so you can pick which will best fit in your application. Another great thing about kits, sometimes you just want to add a rock wall or monkey bar setup. By purchasing the kit, you get just what you need and nothing more. Kits also take the guess work out of what accessories you need as there are kits that will include all the pieces needed.

Full Swing Sets: There are so many swing set options available. If you do not have the time to choose all the different options, you want, like in a kit, then it may be better to purchase a full swing set. You are sure to find a full swing set with a layout that will have everything you need and work in your application.

Hope this helps when you are trying to choose between a full swing set and swing set kit. Both are great options!