Installing our products

Most of the items we sell are pretty easy to install. However, we recommend that you contact a licensed installer on anything you are not equipped to handle yourself. Below will cover a few pointers for installing some of our items.

Swings: Are you replacing an already existing swing? If so then you can purchase one of our swings fully assembled with chain and attach to your existing swing hangers. There are some things to consider with this before purchasing.

  • Are your current swing hangers usable and if so, are they open ended or closed loop? If they are closed loop our clips that come with our fully assembled swing are included and will clip right to those swing hangers. If they are open ended swing hangers the clips are not needed as you can hook your chain right to the open end of the swing hanger.
  • Do you need to replace your swing hangers? We recommend replacing most swing hangers every 2 years or sooner if there is wear. If you need swing hangers, we have several options. Some things to consider with swing hangers are beam size and if you need commercial or residential.
  • Are you just replacing your swing seat or just the chain? We offer per piece options as well with instructions on how you can attach them. Please note that replacing just the seat or chain does require tools which you may not have at home.

Accessories: Are you looking at purchasing an accessory like our periscope, telescope or steering wheel? We offer full instructions with these items as well. These items are made for attachment to a wood set. Please keep in mind that the hardware included is for that type of application.

Climbing rocks: Our rocks come in 2 sizes large and small. The hardware included in both sizes is for 5/4 board. We do offer longer hardware for additional purchase as shown in our product instructions.

Have more questions on installing our accessories or swings? You can visit our product instruction page below or feel free to contact us anytime.


Replacement Parts and Accessories for an already Existing Swing Set

Are you looking to give your swing set a face-lift? Replacing parts for most wood swing sets is easy. There are things on most wood sets that are considered standard like swing seats, accessories, chain however there are some things that are not considered standard.

The first thing you need to consider is your swing beam size. If you have a standard beam it is likely 8ft from the ground. So, when replacing swings for an 8ft beam you would want to make sure you purchase swings with chain that is 5.5ft in length. If your beam is 9-10ft from the ground, then you will need 8.5ft chain. Other then chain length all other aspects of your swing should be interchangeable. Do you need to replace swing hangers? You will need to know the thickness of your beam to purchase the correct ones. Other then that you can choose which ever option works best for your application. Are you replacing rocks? You only need to consider the hardware size for the type of wall you have. Replacing accessories like telephone, periscope, steering wheel, etc.? If you have a spot to mount to your wood set that’s really all you need. Do you need a replacement tarp? These are not standard to all sets and need to be measured properly. Once you have the measurements you can purchase a custom tarp to the specs you need.

Swing Set Stuff Inc. offers a lot of replacement parts for revamping an existing swing set. We offer gliders, slides, swings, climbing options and more!

Should you purchase a Full Bucket Seat or a Half bucket Seat?


Here are some things to consider:

Full Bucket Seat

bucket, swing, seat, enclosed, full bucket
Swing Set Stuff Inc. High Back Full Bucket Swing Seat
  • A full bucket seat is fully enclosed where as a half bucket seat is not.
  • A full bucket seat is more suitable for a toddler 18 months and up.
  • A child must be able to support themselves inside the enclosed swing full bucket swing.
  • If a child is not able to support themselves inside the swing, then give them some additional time before putting them in a swing.


Half Bucket Seat

half bucket, swing seat
Swing Set Stuff Inc. Half Bucket Swing Seat
  • A half bucket seat is great for children that still need additional back support
  • A half bucket is suitable for children 4-5 years of age that require some additional back support.
  • A child must be able to hold themselves in to the swing to use the half bucket.
  • If a child has not reached the point where they can hold themselves into a swing seat then a full bucket swing would be more appropriate.

Both Seats

  • Both swing seats are rated for up to 105 pounds and are for children only.
  • Both are made from the same material and come in a variety of colors

Hopefully this information helps you to make an informed decision when purchasing one these two swing seats. We would love to answer any additional questions you have regarding these.