Replacement Parts and Accessories for an already Existing Swing Set

Are you looking to give your swing set a face-lift? Replacing parts for most wood swing sets is easy. There are things on most wood sets that are considered standard like swing seats, accessories, chain however there are some things that are not considered standard.

The first thing you need to consider is your swing beam size. If you have a standard beam it is likely 8ft from the ground. So, when replacing swings for an 8ft beam you would want to make sure you purchase swings with chain that is 5.5ft in length. If your beam is 9-10ft from the ground, then you will need 8.5ft chain. Other then chain length all other aspects of your swing should be interchangeable. Do you need to replace swing hangers? You will need to know the thickness of your beam to purchase the correct ones. Other then that you can choose which ever option works best for your application. Are you replacing rocks? You only need to consider the hardware size for the type of wall you have. Replacing accessories like telephone, periscope, steering wheel, etc.? If you have a spot to mount to your wood set that’s really all you need. Do you need a replacement tarp? These are not standard to all sets and need to be measured properly. Once you have the measurements you can purchase a custom tarp to the specs you need.

Swing Set Stuff Inc. offers a lot of replacement parts for revamping an existing swing set. We offer gliders, slides, swings, climbing options and more!

Author: Swing Set Stuff Inc.

Swing Set Stuff Inc. started when our president was having trouble finding quality swing set products locally and online for the set he was building for his own children. He decided to bring those hard to find items to others that are also having trouble locating quality swing set products. Some of the products we sell are different types of swings, trapeze bars, climbing rocks, hardware, rope ladders, complete swing sets, etc. We specialize in quality swing set equipment commercial and residential grade. All of our items are higher quality then anything you would find in your local home center. We pride ourselves with great products and great customer service.

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