Add a Glider to your Play Set

Just because your play set did not come with a glider does not mean you have to go without. Gliders can be added to an existing set with a little know how. Gliders require and four-point attachment. Right away you are probably thinking, “I don’t have a four-point attachment.” Let us help!

You have two mounting options to add a glider to your play seat.

Monkey Bar Set up: If you have a monkey bar set up you can use four swing hangers, one on each side of the monkey bar wood. This will give you a four-point attachment and the swing hangers will give you the back and forth motion needed for the glider. Please note the glider will be in the way of using the monkey bars so if you are still wanting to access the monkey bars this may not be the right application for you.

Single Beam Set up: The second option is to build or buy a glider bracket. Glider brackets create the four-point attachment needed but mount on your center single beam. If purchasing a bracket, make sure they come with the swing hangers. If you are building your own, you will need to purchase those and any additional hardware and wood you need to attach it to your swing beam.

Safety note: Please be sure all attaching wood either a monkey set up or single beam set up can support the glider and the hardware you are using. If you do not have the proper wood supports on your swing set in either application, we do not recommend adding the glider. We always recommend you get a licensed installer for all work you need done.

Now you see that you do have options when considering a glider. We would be happy to answer any glider questions you may have!

Author: Swing Set Stuff Inc.

Swing Set Stuff Inc. started when our president was having trouble finding quality swing set products locally and online for the set he was building for his own children. He decided to bring those hard to find items to others that are also having trouble locating quality swing set products. Some of the products we sell are different types of swings, trapeze bars, climbing rocks, hardware, rope ladders, complete swing sets, etc. We specialize in quality swing set equipment commercial and residential grade. All of our items are higher quality then anything you would find in your local home center. We pride ourselves with great products and great customer service.

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