Should you purchase a Full Bucket Seat or a Half bucket Seat?


Here are some things to consider:

Full Bucket Seat

bucket, swing, seat, enclosed, full bucket
Swing Set Stuff Inc. High Back Full Bucket Swing Seat
  • A full bucket seat is fully enclosed where as a half bucket seat is not.
  • A full bucket seat is more suitable for a toddler 18 months and up.
  • A child must be able to support themselves inside the enclosed swing full bucket swing.
  • If a child is not able to support themselves inside the swing, then give them some additional time before putting them in a swing.


Half Bucket Seat

half bucket, swing seat
Swing Set Stuff Inc. Half Bucket Swing Seat
  • A half bucket seat is great for children that still need additional back support
  • A half bucket is suitable for children 4-5 years of age that require some additional back support.
  • A child must be able to hold themselves in to the swing to use the half bucket.
  • If a child has not reached the point where they can hold themselves into a swing seat then a full bucket swing would be more appropriate.

Both Seats

  • Both swing seats are rated for up to 105 pounds and are for children only.
  • Both are made from the same material and come in a variety of colors

Hopefully this information helps you to make an informed decision when purchasing one these two swing seats. We would love to answer any additional questions you have regarding these.

Author: Swing Set Stuff Inc.

Swing Set Stuff Inc. started when our president was having trouble finding quality swing set products locally and online for the set he was building for his own children. He decided to bring those hard to find items to others that are also having trouble locating quality swing set products. Some of the products we sell are different types of swings, trapeze bars, climbing rocks, hardware, rope ladders, complete swing sets, etc. We specialize in quality swing set equipment commercial and residential grade. All of our items are higher quality then anything you would find in your local home center. We pride ourselves with great products and great customer service.

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